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  • What It’s Like To Have Vegan Friends

    You may or may not know that I just recently moved to San Francisco, California from Washington, D.C. I made the drive with my Dad last week and you can […]

  • What It’s Like To Drive Across The South As A Vegan

    Memphis has great vegan food. Seven days ago my father and I loaded up a Dodge Minivan with all of my worldly possessions and we set off across the country, […]

  • What Does A Sustainable Food System Look Like? — The Problem With The Term “Organic”

    What if I told you there was a single word that could encapsulate the entire production method of a product? This word was so descriptive and ironclad in its definition […]

  • Go Vegan This Friday for Earth Day!

    Friday is Earth Day. I say it every single year. I say it every single year because it is that important, that staggering, and sadly still that unknown. Going vegan […]

  • How To Be A Good Vegan

    Let’s talk about how to be a good vegan. The other night I was talking with a friend who is a manager at a restaurant. This place serves traditional French […]

  • Fake Cheese: Your Last Hold Out is Crumbling

    Years before I went vegan I was vegetarian, and for the longest time my last major holdout was cheese. The stuff is admittedly delicious. And even though I knew it […]

  • You Will Quit Your Diet

    Learning a new habit isn’t easy. It takes time, and various stages. The goal of any new habit is to get to the “maintenance” phase. That’s the point where everything […]

  • How Meat Will Be Replaced*

    Can you picture it? A vegan world? When will it come? A lot of people ask me this when they find out that I am vegan. “Do you really think […]

  • What Really Matters: A Plea for Health

    A week or two ago I saw a meme on Facebook. Ok I see lots of memes on Facebook, and to be honest, most are pretty meaningless. But this one […]