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  • 3 Super Cheap Vegan Meals Easy Prep

    I’ve gone through periods of my life where I haven’t had the best or most reliable access to a kitchen. Sometimes — like when I was climbing Mount Chirripo in […]

  • Vegan Roadtripping: What To Eat On The Open Road…

    This last weekend, me and a few friends piled into a car and took a road trip to Chicago. The trip itself was tons of fun, but I wanted to […]

  • The Best Whole Foods Green Smoothie Recipe — Plant-Based, Vegan, Post-Workout, Protein Smoothie!

    For the past 3+ years I have been working out at home with resistance bands. I spent a good while trying to find a workout system that worked for me. […]


    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, even as a vegan! It’s a celebration of food, and who doesn’t love food? Some of you might think, “vegans. Vegans hate food and eat […]

  • I’m Vegan, and Thanksgiving is My Favorite Holiday

    I always grew up loving Thanksgiving. I think I was a foodie before that was ever a “thing.” So for me it was an easy choice to have Thanksgiving as […]

  • This Is How Most People Go Vegan

    I feel like for most people, going vegan is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, and when it does, people usually go back to eating meat for awhile. For me, […]

  • Vegan How To: Reading Labels

    Following up on last week’s post Vegan How To: Eating Out, let’s take a look at how to read labels and what to look for. For me there are a […]

  • My Best Weight Loss Tip!

    My Best Weight Loss Tip. Follow this one tip and you could lose between 14 and 40 pounds in a single year!!! For more on this subject, check out this […]

  • Vegan How To: Eating Out

    Are you a glass half full kinda person or do you see it as half empty? If you are like me, you see it half full. That is the approach […]

  • I Can Make You Vegan In Just 4 Hours 41 Minutes!

    It is often said that giving up the use of animal products for food and otherwise has three major benefits — for the animals, for the environment, and for your […]