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  • 5 Foods You Don’t Have To Give Up As A Vegan!

    It is a common misconception that as a vegan you have to give up all your favorite foods! Most people think a vegan diet is one of extreme deprivation, a […]

  • Is Fake Meat OK on a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet?

    I get this question a lot so I thought I’d address it here: if you are following a whole-foods plant-based¬†(WFPB)¬†vegan diet, is it OK to eat some fake animal products, […]

  • Plant-Based All-Stars: Why You Need Rich Roll In Your Life

    I am excited to launch a new series of posts called “Plant-Based All-Stars.” In this series, I will share with you some of the incredible leaders in this movement, and […]

  • Living The Veg Life

    There are lots of reasons for adopting a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle, but recently I found an infographic and article showcasing some of the amazing benefits. The article features prominent […]